Why Can’t I Get Full Price for My House?

Jason Hull of We Buy Johnson County, Texas Homes at the Johnson County line

If you are on this website, then you probably need to sell a house that you own in Johnson County, Texas fast. You may be facing foreclosure. You may have just had a divorce. You may have inherited the property and live out of state and don’t want to deal with it. School authorities may have discovered that your child doesn’t live in the school district, and you need to sell immediately. Or you may have a need for cash right away and need to sell your house.


You want to be out from under your house in a week or so.


That need does not allow for the things that you would need to have happen in order to sell your house for full price.


If you engaged a Realtor to sell your house, then the Realtor would come out to your house and evaluate it. That Realtor would tell you all of the repairs that you would need to make to your house in order to get a full price offer on the house.


You’d then need to make those repairs.


Once you made the repairs, the Realtor would come back and have you sign a six-month exclusive listing contract. The Realtor would take a bunch of pictures of your house and start marketing the house.


While you might have the best Realtor in the world marketing your house, there are a limited number of buyers in Johnson County, Texas.


Between March, 2019 and February, 2020, there were 2,692 homes sold in Johnson County, Texas. That’s out of 43,636 households in Johnson County. That means about 8% of all houses in Johnson County, Texas sell every year. Additionally, during that timeframe, there were 5,201 houses listed for sale in Johnson County, meaning that only 52% of houses listed by Realtors sold. It’s a coin flip as to whether or not a house sold if it was listed with a Realtor.


Here are the sales during that time period by city in Johnson County:


  • Alvarado: 209
  • Burleson: 996
  • Cleburne: 612
  • Coyote Flats: 2
  • Cresson: 2
  • Crowley: 32
  • Fort Worth: 1 (note: this may have been a Realtor error in entering information)
  • Godley: 207
  • Granbury: 4 (note: we have properties in Granbury, but none are in Johnson County)
  • Grandview: 60
  • Joshua: 238
  • Keene: 49
  • Mansfield: 126
  • Rio Vista: 39
  • Venus: 115


Let’s say that, after a month of marketing, you find someone who can afford to pay full price for your house. They make an offer and you accept.


What happens then?


They have to get their lender involved. The lender will send out an inspector to the house, who will give you another punch list of repairs that you have to complete before they approve the loan.


The lender will generate a ream of paperwork for the buyer to complete.


They will go through their approval process.


This will probably take between 45 and 90 days before they can close on your house.


This is time that, if you are here on this website, you do not have.


We, on the other hand, will buy your house as is, where is, and can close in 7 days, using our own funds, and using a title agent who has done dozens of transactions with us. He knows how we operate and knows our timelines, and has closed on dozens of Johnson County, Texas properties within a week of having an accepted offer for us.


If you need certainty that you can sell your house quickly and that you’re not dealing with someone who watched a few episodes of Flip This House on HGTV and thinks that they’re an investor, then, if you agree to our offer, we will buy your house in a quick and efficient manner.


If this is what you’re looking for, contact us with your house information. Send pictures and video to jhull at webuyjohnsoncountytexashomes dot com so that we can make an accurate assessment of what we can pay for your house. If we can make an offer, we will. If we can’t, we’ll try to connect you with someone who can help you out.

    You can also call us at (972) 808-6913.

    Published by Jason Hull

    Jason Hull is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and a graduate of the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business. He was the co-founder of Broadtree Partners, a firm that acquires $1-5MM EBITDA companies. He also was the co-founder of open source search consultancy OpenSource Connections, a premier Solr and ElasticSearch firm. He also blogs at Hull Financial Planning.