We buy houses in Burleson, Texas.

If you think “I need to sell my Burleson, Texas house to a cash buyer who can close fast,” we might be the people you have been looking for.

We have a real affinity for Burleson from the time that we lived in Crowley. Going to Burleson was where you went when you wanted to go out on the town but didn’t want to deal with I-35W traffic going north.

We used to eat at Fresco’s Cocina Mexicana all the time. I was in a networking group called the Burleson Business Builders (which has since disbanded), and Fresco’s would host us and provide coffee.

We remember when the exit at 174 was pretty empty, and then it seemingly sprung up overnight.

We used to take our dog hiking at Chisenhall Park. It was a great place to let him roam off leash (shh…), although whenever bikes or ATVs came through, we’d have to run grab him to make sure he didn’t follow them on their adventures.

We have family that lives in Burleson, near Spinks Airport. Every time we go by Our Place right in front of Lowe’s, we tell ourselves that we should go try it. Despite being in the area for almost a decade, we have never been there for breakfast.

The title company we use is in Burleson. When we first moved to Texas, we used the Pinnacle Bank off of Alsbury.

So, you may find other websites who claim to be able to buy your house and understand your market. We know Johnson County very well. We’re your neighbors. We understand what it takes to close a deal, as we are local cash buyers who can close quickly.

After all, how many of those “we buy houses for cash” folks that you might talk to can say that they’ve been to the Hard Eight, love the BBQ, and hate what a pain in the rear it is to get to?

If you need to sell your Burleson, Texas house quickly, we are cash buyers who may be able to help you out. Contact us today and see if we can work a deal out together.

    You can also call us at (972) 808-6913.