Selling My Johnson County, Texas Home Fast Because My Child is in Another School District

Jason Hull of We Buy Johnson County, Texas Homes at the Johnson County line

If you live in Johnson County, Texas,  your child is going to school out of district, and the school district finds out, generally, they will give your child 30 days’ notice before kicking your child out of the school, meaning that you are going to have to move into the new district to keep your child at that school. If you own a house in Johnson County, Texas, you may need to sell that house fast in order to free up money so that you can afford to move somewhere else.


We purchased a house from a seller in this situation. She and her ex-husband had gotten a divorce. The child was living with her but going to school in another district. The district discovered that the girl was living out of district and gave her 30 days’ notice.


The mother needed to sell her existing house before she could afford to move to a place in the district where she wanted her child to go.


We know that Johnson County, Texas schools have a residency requirement, and they’re not the only ones. Here is just a sample of the schools’ residency requirements in Johnson County, Texas:



When this mother discovered that the clock was ticking before her daughter could no longer attend her school, we were able to step in, purchase the home in under two weeks, and allow them to move into the girl’s school district.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your Johnson County, Texas home fast in order to move into another school district, we may be able to help. We understand this situation, as we have dealt with it before. We are cash buyers, and we can close fast. You can find out more about us on the We Buy Johnson County, Texas Homes website. We use our own cash, meaning that we only buy a few houses a year; however, since we use our own cash, and we have a close working relationship with Jason Pedigo at Fidelity National Title in Burleson, Texas, having closed dozens of properties using his services, if we make an offer on your house and you accept, we can close quickly.


Then, your child can continue to stay in that school district, and that’s one less stress that you, as a parent, have to deal with.

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