Who Are We?

What Are We Looking for?

What is the Process to Close?

Who Are We?

We Buy Johnson County, Texas Homes

If you need to sell your Johnson County, Texas house fast, you’ve come to the right place. For those of you who want to sell your homes sold by owner, this is important information for you. To be clear, we are interested in homes sold by the owner, and we buy doublewide mobile homes. If you are interested in the quick sale of your home, we can help you out.

My name is Jason Hull, and my wife and I own properties in Burleson, Grandview, Cleburne, Alvarado, Mansfield, and Joshua. We lived in Crowley and in Fort Worth, and our property manager is also located in Crowley (she lives in Cleburne, and her kids go to school in Grandview). If we buy your house, we’ll use Fidelity Title and Jason Pedigo in Burleson to handle the paperwork.

I’m a West Point graduate and a disabled veteran from the Army, and my wife is a UT-Arlington graduate. We’re local, and we’re trustworthy. If we put in an offer and it gets accepted, we will buy your house.

We are all cash buyers for your home, and we can close quickly. You search for my name at the Johnson County, Texas Tax Assessor site and see that we’re property owners from Burleson to Cleburne. We use our own cash to buy properties, so we don’t have to wait on banks or investors, and we’re not bird dogs who will then try to market your property to others. We aren’t trying to do a simultaneous close with another investor where we assign your contract. Because we’re using our own cash, we usually buy 2-4 properties a year, so sometimes we’re not going to be a good fit for you. If we can’t help you, we can probably connect you with people who can.

If you need to sell your property because you inherited it as part of an estate, because of divorce, because you’re facing foreclosure, because you need to move to get your child into another school, or because you had an offer of your own accepted and you need to sell your house fast, please contact us using the contact form I linked to or via e-mail at jhull at webuyjohnsoncountytexashomes dot com.

What Are We Looking for?

We’re not the right buyers for every house.

We’re generally looking for properties under $150,000.

We will not buy single wide mobile homes.

We will not buy half duplexes.

We will buy your house as is where it, meaning that all we need is pictures, and, ideally, a video so that we have a decent idea of the condition of the house. The more detail that you can give us about the condition of your property, the better we can assess the costs to get it to the condition that we want it, and the better of an offer we can make.

That said, we are investors, and we are not going to make the same offer as if you were to market it through a Realtor and get someone to buy it who would move into it. Those people almost always require loans, appraisals, and repairs to the property to get the loan approved. They may have to sell their own houses before they can move into yours. This will take time. It may take anywhere from 45 to 90 days before they can buy your house.

We can close in 7 days (unless we’re traveling and can’t get to a notary that quickly).

So, we’re going to offer you a price that will work for us and that we think is fair. Sometimes that number will work for you, and sometimes it will not. If it does not, that’s OK. Don’t be offended; it’s just not the right situation for both of us. Sometimes, that number works, as has been proven by the dozens of properties that we’ve purchased in the Johnson County, Texas area in the past decade.

What is the Process to Close?

Believe it or not, it is actually a fairly simple process.

Contact us, and tell us as much information as you can about the house. You can always send pictures and video by e-mail to jhull at webuyjohnsoncountytexashomes dot com. Again, the more we know about the condition of your property, the more accurately we can assess how much we’re going to have to spend after the close to get the property in the condition that we want it to be.

Next, we’ll e-mail you with our offer. We’re like CarMax. The offer we make is what we’ll pay. I hate haggling, and the idea of sliding a number back and forth across the table. You want to be out of our house in 7 days and don’t have time to blow going back and forth with hundred dollar offer changes. If there’s some piece of information that you didn’t share with us previously (like you forgot that you put a new roof on the house two years ago and you can send the receipt to prove it), then we’ll reconsider; otherwise, the offer we make is the offer we stand by.

If that amount works for you, then we’ll connect you with our title agent, Jason Pedigo at Fidelity Title in Burleson, Texas, who will work with you on the paperwork for the sale of the property. He’ll schedule a closing time with you that will happen as soon as his team can finish the title work on the property. On the closing day, you’ll show up at your scheduled time, sign paperwork, hand over the keys, and either that day, or the next day, they’ll wire you your funds. We will pay the closing costs, so the amount that we offer is the amount that you’ll receive, minus what you owe on your mortgage.

If you work with us, you’re not getting people who saw Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV and decided that they could get into real estate and will lead you on a wild goose chase only to tell you two months later that the funds disappeared. We can give you certainty of getting the deal done.

If this process works for you and you think that you have a property that we might be interested in, please contact us, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

    You can also call us at (972) 808-6913.